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By Person

The CRAN team currently conists of:
Benjamin Altmann, Kurt Hornik, Tomas Kalibera, Konstanze Lauseker, Uwe Ligges, Brian D. Ripley, Simon Urbanek, and a group of sysadmins for hardware and software support at WU Vienna.

Former members of the CRAN team:
Julia Haider, Swetlana Herbrandt, Friedrich Leisch, Duncan Murdoch, Jelena Saf, Deepayan Sarkar, Martina Schmirl, Gregor Seyer, Matthias Sterrer, and Victoria Wimmer.

By Task

CRAN Submissions

Submissions to CRAN are processed by E-mail:


CRAN package checks on combinations of various plattforms, R flavours, and for additional issues are provided by E-mail:

CRAN Source Package Maintainance

The CRAN source package repository is maintained by E-mail:

CRAN Binary Package Maintainance

The CRAN binary package repositories for Windows and macOS are maintained by

CRAN System Administration

The group of sysadmins for technical hardware and software support at WU Vienna can be contacted via

These binaries (installable software) and packages are in development.
They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution. We make no claims about them.