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Index of /fedora-epel/7/ppc64/repodata/

34649438519afd6c5ca73a8ddbccdd7d320590c3a882d79..> 28-May-2019 01:28            11312838
57f7b4b9878bb00adf31e8c2ee7b2ed785a2af7e71133d9..> 28-May-2019 01:48             1023268
85d0354b506d51429e8633dc871d563cc8e45f3ae6a7563..> 28-May-2019 01:27            11111824
8d9095867eda404262d826113047ac53becf15e52954bc3..> 28-May-2019 01:27             3674981
932b53be7b6b065d47546c2064dabf3887f09ee76373b18..> 28-May-2019 01:28                 348
9a203fcce9a47bab2e6206a1d280e751297c694438d0da8..> 28-May-2019 01:28             6563135
a98bc59c4b5da5c23de40dc357935b80efc94d1e2354be6..> 28-May-2019 01:28             3225371
c629c8fc439517aed1ff09d9c8ba32f2fa6984a2f9683e4..> 28-May-2019 01:22              373476
d97ad2922a45eb2a5fc007fdd84e7ae4981b257d3b94c3c..> 28-May-2019 01:27               89651
e9c48e010e3e2dd612d73d47bb06f606cf8a2193f13d5b3..> 28-May-2019 01:27             2328249
repomd.xml                                         28-May-2019 01:48                4846

These binaries (installable software) and packages are in development.
They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution. We make no claims about them.