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Index of /plesk-linux/APACHE_2.2.27/dist-rpm-CentOS-5-i386/packages/

apache-sni-configurator-2.2.27-14042217.i386.rpm   10-Aug-2020 13:15                2367
apr-1.4.6-14042217.i386.rpm                        10-Aug-2020 13:15               88917
apr-util-1.4.1-14042217.i386.rpm                   10-Aug-2020 13:15              166696
httpd-2.2.27-14060916.i386.rpm                     10-Aug-2020 13:15             1246214
mod_ssl-2.2.27-14060916.i386.rpm                   10-Aug-2020 13:15              587370

These binaries (installable software) and packages are in development.
They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution. We make no claims about them.