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Index of /tex-archive/macros/plain/

base/                                              16-Dec-2014 03:45                   -
contrib/                                           29-Oct-2023 08:00                   -
formats/                                           30-Jan-2024 07:09                   -
graphics/                                          09-Nov-2023 14:18                   -
plnfss/                                            18-May-2008 18:13                   -
pmat/                                              08-Aug-2005 23:10                   -                                           15-Dec-2014 19:36               48909                                       09-Nov-2023 14:18               13086                                         18-May-2008 18:09               22891                                           07-Aug-2005 09:25               65920

These binaries (installable software) and packages are in development.
They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution. We make no claims about them.